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As Neways we explore new territory daily, together with our technology partners. We push the boundaries of electronics to develop and produce high-tech solutions that will change people’s lives. These innovations could not exist without our smart thinkers and creators.

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Neways consists of a team of driven and talented people with different skills. Find out more about system architects at Neways Technologies.


Neways consists of a team of driven and talented people with different skills. Find out more about designers at Neways Technologies.

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About Neways Technologies

Neways Technologies is the development and engineering part of Neways. Neways wants to be the lifecycle partner of its customers. That’s why we support them already in the design and development phase of the electronics that facilitate major trends around global ESG themes.  With over 200 development engineers Neways Technologies -as part of Neways Electronics- has an experienced and strong team. The team is located in the Netherlands and in Germany and is assigned to the following focus areas: Hardware, Software, Firmware, Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical. We are flexible in our way of working with sound project management skills, or Agile sprint based activities.

Data Systems

In the Technology Cluster Data Systems, we develop appropriate solutions for our customers in Smart Mobility, Connectivity and Semicon sector. Solutions include sensoring and localization, data processing and communication. Examples of applications are; IoT, Gateways, Artificial Intelligence, High speed data routers. We cover all technology needed from concept to practical implementation. Technologies like High Speed Digital Design, Edge Computing, Data Security but also Wired and Wireless Communication are applied in the Data Cluster. Challenges in the Data Cluster are numerous; balancing form factor against board functionality, data rates against power consumption, optimal signal- and power integrity for robust operation but also the integration in mechanical design.

Control Systems

In the Technology Cluster Control Systems, we focus on developing comprehensive solutions for control systems in various industries such as Smart Mobility, Connectivity, and Semicon. Our expertise lies in developing advanced control algorithms and automation systems for applications such as industrial automation, robotics, and power management. We address challenges such as optimizing control algorithms for precise and responsive performance, ensuring compatibility with different hardware platforms, and integrating control systems with mechanical designs. Our expertise extends to areas such as real-time control, feedback mechanisms, auto tuning, diagnostics, and system reliability. We also consider factors like power consumption, safety regulations and scalability in our control system designs.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, we aim to deliver control solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers, enabling them to achieve enhanced performance, efficiency, and user experience in their products.

Power Systems

In the Technology Cluster Power Systems, we provide solutions for advanced power applications across all sectors. Think of power converters, motor inverters, power supply units, battery charging and fuel cell systems for Smart mobility, Connectivity and Semicon solutions. Application examples include drive trains for specialty vehicles, industrial motor controls, robot arms, power supplies but also electric (assisted) turbochargers or hydrogen fuel cell compressors in electric vehicles.

Power ranges of these applications typically vary from 0 to 20KW whilst voltages can reach up to 800V! Besides challenges regarding insulation and the use of various topologies for energy conversion, aspects like electromagnetic interference, thermal management and even mechanical aspects come into play.

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Neways employs more than 2.500 professionals from all over the world. Our passion for technology and innovation knows no boundaries. As an international partner for technological innovation, we are located all over the world. This makes for a powerful diversity of people, backgrounds and skills. But also endless career opportunities in a supportive and high-tech working environment. Curious? Explore our locations and find your new job in tech.

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