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Neways is a global innovator in mission-critical technology for semicon, connectivity and smart mobility sectors

With more than 50 years’ experience and strong engineering power, we are proud to act as technology innovation partner for the most demanding customers in the industry. Neways develops and produces highly complex electronics that facilitate major trends around global ESG themes. Our team of more than 3,000 specialists across the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic USA and China enables future solutions for EV charging, electric power trains, digitizing health solutions, sustainable agriculture, producing microchips and more.

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Your innovation partner in mission-critical technology for a sustainable future.

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Our history of electronics innovation

Neways’ history is rich with innovation and collaboration. Read more about our journey towards the international innovator in electronics we are today.


With over 500 engineers in our company, we are acting as a technology innovation partner for our customers. We bring together professionals and cutting-edge technology, offering our unique knowledge on electronics and charging solutions for electrical vehicles, electric power trains, autonomous driving, digitizing health solutions, producing microchips and more.

We support our customers with our experience to scale-up designs towards high quality and high-volume production environments, world-class cleanrooms including prototyping and re-use as a new aftermarket concepts.

Enabling green solutions


We are focused on shaping a sustainable future with real impact. With our technology, we enable the energy transition and advance medical applications. Our approach to product design integrates circularity and end-of-life solutions. And internally, we are dedicated to be a best-in-class performer across ESG topics.


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