15 June 2022

Announcement of delisting Neways shares

Enschede/Son, the Netherlands, 15 June 2022 – the Offeror and Neways jointly announce that the listing and trading of the Shares on Euronext Amsterdam (“Euronext”) will be terminated. In consultation with Euronext, it has been decided that the last day of trading of the Shares will be 15 July 2022. This means that the termination of the listing of the Shares will be effective as of 18 July 2022. Reference is made to Section 6.10 of the Offer Memorandum.

Statutory buy-out proceedings

Since the Offeror owns more than 95% of the Shares, the Offeror will initiate the statutory buy-out proceedings (uitkoopprocedure) in an expeditious manner in order to obtain 100% of the Shares. Reference is made to Section 6.11(d) of the Offer Memorandum.

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