9 April 2019

Ceremonial handover of the new production hall at the Czech location

Last week the new production hall at Děčín, Czech Republic, was officially handed over to Neways Electronics International. The new hall has an area of ​​8,250 square meters, which is more than doubled compared to the previous hall. The property also offers sufficient space to make a furthermore extension of approximately 8,000 m².

With the construction of the new hall we are expanding our manufacturing capacity to handle the growing order intake of existing and new customers on time. The new production facility is designed as a high-runner production for industrial and automotive products. It is also planned to increase the vertical range of manufacture by installing new production technologies.

The relocation of the machinery to the new hall is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2019. The previous production hall will no longer be used. There are about 120 new jobs.