Stefan Göckeritz

“Optimizing designs through our early stage involvement”

As a system architect, I am responsible for all the technical aspects of a product. Together with my team, I start by looking at the functional requirements the customer has defined for a particular component. We develop a technical concept that meets those requirements. Next, I work with our engineers to assess how the concept can be implemented and verified for the system that our customer is developing.

I recently worked on a project to develop and improve a robotic eye laser system. We are helping our customer optimize the moving parts of the robot, to make it more user-friendly and mobile. At the same time, we are critically assessing the impact of our components on the overall design. Based on this approach, we can propose changes for improving the design at an early stage. In my experience, customers appreciate it when we come up with solutions that they may not have thought of themselves at the initial concept stage.