Our unique capabilities

High level assemblies

Neways offers unique capabilities in the design and production of complex systems, integrating in-house developed microelectronics, high-end cables and wires and modular racks into complex mechatronic system assemblies. We offer the highest grade cleanroom capabilities across our facilities. Our extensive, often in-house developed, full functional testing ensures plug-and-play deliveries. We play at the forefront of re-use and re-manufacturing to prolong the lifetime of existing systems.

Neways is an international innovator in electronics for smart mobility, connectivity and semicon solutions

Control cabinets

Our cabinets control some of the world’s most complex systems, such as wafer scanners and ultra-precision microscopes. We combine power supply units, motor drivers, sensor monitoring, control electronics, safety handling controls, e-cooling units and more in our control cabinets. We develop and produce all these sub-components in-house, enabling ultimate flexibility in integrating these into unique systems for our customers. We ensure an extremely high test coverage such that our cabinets can be integrated plug and play into the heart of our customers’ most critical systems.

Specialty products

With our unique set-up, we develop and produce high specialty products for our customers, such as cabinets that include laser sources for controlled heating of mirrors in a lithographic equipment, and products that can connect the vacuum-controlled heart of lithography systems with their atmospheric environment, where we apply water-cooled cables that integrate electricity, water and gas. We operate in the highest grade cleanrooms to avoid any contaminations which enables us to deliver solutions in the heart of the systems of our customers. And our testing goes as far as using helium-based solutions to detect the leakages in vacuum systems with the highest accuracy.

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Modular racks

All components and sub-assemblies of our complex cabinets can be developed and produced in Neways’ own facilities: from microelectronics to high-end cables and wires and modular racks. All sub-components are subject to extensive in-house developed functional testing, to ensure they are in full functional shape in our final products which are delivered ‘plug and play’ to our customers. This set-up creates the quality and flexibility required for our complex cabinets for demanding industries such as the semiconductors or medical sectors.

Our unique capabilities

  • Cleanroom capabilities

    We operate the highest grade cleanrooms (ISO 5 and beyond) to avoid contamination and product degradation. Across our facilities in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia we operate amongst the largest cleanroom area in the industry. We also offer ultrasonic, plasma and vapor phase cleaning technologies, and are organized to pack and ship products safely all over the globe.
  • High variability

    We are set up to provide extreme flexibility in a high mix, low volume environment. To make this possible, we bring together the expertise and close involvement of our engineering teams, project managers and supply chain experts. Also our production is organized around specific cells to cope with the variability and complex nature of our cabinets.
  • Functional testing

    Our in-house developed functional testing tools thoroughly examine our products’ behavior. This in-depth evaluation helps verify that each element performs as intended, before being integrated in our highly complex assemblies. Also these final assemblies are functionally tested with an extremely high test coverage that allows us to supply our products at the heart of our customers’ mission critical equipment.

Reuse and repair

We have strong repair, recovery and re-use capabilities in house, that cover both our complex assemblies but also allow for servicing and repairs of almost all underlying products and subcomponents. Our innovative approach to product design integrates circularity, life cycle extension and end-of-life solutions. We support our customers with modularity in designs and focus on increasing sustainable use of materials. This enables our customers to extend their product life cycle and creates sustainable, circular supply chains over the lifecycle of our clients’ products.

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