10 July 2018

Miniaturization trend of electronic devices

Products are becoming increasingly smaller and embed more functionality. Because the existing technologies that accommodate this trend are expensive alternatives, Neways Micro Electronics started to find a technology that aims to provide a cost effective solution that is easily integrated in the standard production processes.

Together with its partners, Neways Micro Electronics is developing a technology to lithographically pattern printable noble metal pastes (‘photoimageable thick film technology’) as a robust industrial solution for the miniaturization of electronic applications. As such, a typical size reduction of factor 4 can be achieved when compared to conventional solutions.

Currently the project team is entering the industrialization phase of this innovation, in which they demonstrate the performance of the process in the industrial environment. The innovative technology has already been proven in concept prototyping as well as in small batch production runs and is already available to key customers. In 2018 Neways Micro Electronics plans to release it as a fully qualified volume production process.

Typical applications that already make use of this technology are to be found in smart wearables products, ultra-miniaturized sensors, photonics applications and high speed data transceivers. Other markets could potentially benefit too.