26 June 2018

Neways Electronics rides the IoT wave

Neways Electronics International is participating in two major European projects in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), the so-called INTER-IoT project and the IoF2020 project. We already started our dedication in the IoT-field in 2016 to acquire a strong knowledge which ensures a qualified support of our customers in their IoT-projects.

The INTER-IoT project is concentrating on the interoperability among different IoT-platforms. Neways Electronics participated within this EU project to develop, implement and test in practice an open source framework with associated methodology and tools to enable the interoperability of heterogeneous IoT platforms. Pilots have been rolled out to optimize the logistic, safety and lighting infrastructure within the port of Valencia.

The IoF2020 project explores the potential of IoT-technologies for the European food and farming industry. Neways Electronics connected smart weeding machines to the internet in order that organic farmers get detailed information on weed pressure per individual plant to optimize their weeding cycle.

Interested in how you can benefit from the knowledge and business partner network that Neways build up during these projects?
Please contact Mr. Remco van den Berg, Remco.van.den.berg@newayselectronics.com.

Neways has the bandwidth, knowledge and partners that ensure you can prepare your business for IoT.