9 June 2022

Joining research program for circularity of electronics

Neways joins a research consortium to develop a fully circular generation of electronics. The consortium will be led by the University of Leiden in collaboration with leading companies in the electronics and semicon sector, researchers, societal organization and government organizations, including Signify, NXP, ASML and Neways. We will work on the development of a new generation of electronic components based on breakthrough developments in product-service design, lifetime extension, re-use, repair and recycling technology.

Hans Ketelaars, Chief Technology Officer at Neways, comments: “This research project provides a unique opportunity to collaborate across the industry and academics on further reducing the environmental footprint of the manufacturing and use of electronic products. It builds on the solid foundation for sustainable innovation at Neways, with design for circularity and enabling reuse deeply embedded in our DNA.”

The project has a duration of five years. Neways will contribute with hands-on expertise on electronic equipment and the translation of results into practical guidelines for the design and production of electronics. Together with our partners we are excited to make a difference in innovating electronics for a sustainable future.