12 April 2024

Neways opens new Circular Service Center, supporting its customers on their sustainability ambitions

Neways, the global innovator in mission-critical technology for leading semicon, connectivity and smart mobility companies, is pleased to announce the opening of its first Circular Service Center, located in Son, the Netherlands. With this new Circular Service Center, Neways responds to a growing demand for circular services, including repair and re-use, across its customer base. The opening signifies the next step in delivering circular solutions across Neways’ global production footprint, as close to our customers as possible.

Neways’ recently opened Cicular Service Center in Son, the Netherlands

Neways’ approach to circularity includes sustainable product (re-)design, life cycle extension and end-of-life solutions. We organize sustainable supply chains and have strong repair, recovery and re-use capabilities that enable our customers to extend their product life cycles. We also leverage data analytics from repair and service work to improve and predict product performance and continuously measure and improve impact. With our new Circular Service Center we bring these offerings together in one competence center, enabling us to efficiently deliver and scale up our services to meet growing demand at our customers.

The Circular Service Center in Son, the Netherlands, will start operations with approximately 50 dedicated employees this year, a number which is expected to grow significantly in the near future. In addition, we are planning to expand our Circular Service Centers across our global locations, enabling us to service our global customers close to their operations.

Hans Büthker, CEO of Neways, comments: “The opening of our dedicated Circular Service Center marks the next step in the roll-out of Neways’ sustainability strategy. For many of our customers, we are deeply embedded in the full spectrum of their systems: from circular design of future systems to repair and life cycle support for older legacy systems. Our new Circular Service Center enables a further ramp-up of these circular services for our customers, benefiting the sustainability of their operations.”