25 November 2020

Neways participates in international GaNext project

In this international project, 13 companies from the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom are working together to develop an intelligent power module based on GaNext (GaN) power transistors. With this innovative technology it is possible to greatly increase the power density of applications compared to current, common silicon technology. As a result, GaN technology can contribute to the miniaturization of power applications.

GaN technology is widely applicable in power electronics and is the next logical step that fits in with the current trend towards e-mobility making the energy supply more sustainable, and with the increasing demand for more compact power applications in industry.

Neways is participating in this project to enable a seamless implementation of GaN technology in the products of its customers. And with that to be able to offer even more modern and compact solutions. For this project, Neways is developing an extremely compact solar inverter that incorporates both the GaN technology and the intelligent power module. The advantage is that the knowledge acquired is directly applicable in multiple segments of the power electronics as used by Neways customers.

The project runs until March 2023.

GaNext Consortium Partners:
United Kingdom
Cambridge GaN Devices, CSA Catapult, Lyra Electronics Ltd.
Neways Electronics International N.V., Besi Netherlands BV, Eindhoven University of Technology, Signify
advICo microelectronics GmbH, Maccon Elektroniksysteme GmbH, Infineon Technologies AG, SUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH, Technische Universit├Ąt Dortmund, Fraunhofer IMS