17 November 2022

Neways recognizes its key suppliers at Electronica 2022

Neways is proud to recognize its key suppliers for Overall performance, Innovation, and Sustainability at Electronica 2022.

Supplier performance excellence is fundamental to Neways’ success. Each year, our Supplier of the Year awards in overall Logistic performance, Innovation, and Sustainability recognize suppliers who achieve the high standards necessary to meet our customers’ demanding and evolving expectations as we supply innovative electronics for a sustainable future on a global scale.

This year we honor our supply chain partners TTI, PCB Technologies, and Murata Manufacturing for delivering sustained value in Overall performance, Innovation, and Sustainability.

TTI has demonstrated great performance reliability and flexibility in on-time deliveries, as well as in pro-actively responding to supply chain shortages. PCB Technologies has shown excellent technology leadership in enabling design solutions with our customers. Last but certainly not least, Murata Manufacturing represents a great example of how to drive sustainability as part of their business.

As an international innovator, Neways serves the most demanding customers across a range of industries. Ongoing electrification drives growth in all our key business areas. The performance of our supply chain partners is crucially important to meeting the highest standards of quality and on-time delivery; their efforts reinforce our capabilities to facilitate rapid production ramp up, and to meet the standards of innovation and sustainability our customers expect.

Toine Verbruggen, Senior Director Supply Chain & Procurement highlights: “Performance remains critical to deliver on our promises. The excellence demonstrated by our suppliers is therefore pivotal for Neways and our suppliers’ joint success.

Neways continues to strengthen its supply chain partnerships with all our suppliers.

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