20 September 2022

Neways successfully partners with LifeSense

Neways successfully partners with LifeSense in delivering 6,000 electronic circuit boards for innovative digital health continence solution for children (Oopsie Heroes). This is part of an agreement where Neways is supporting LifeSense in developing a robust supply chain to deliver over 100,000 products per year from 2023 onwards.

LifeSense is based at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven with the mission to revolutionize healthcare with wearable continence solutions for families worldwide. Oopsie Heroes is an innovative product for children. It is extremely user-friendly, both for kids and their parents. The device can be fitted on any textile with a wireless connection to an interactive app. It makes a real difference for many families around the world.

Neways has optimized the electronics lay-out of key components, enabling far greater levels of production automation. In addition, as part of our value-adding System Innovator approach we also reviewed and helped upgrade LifeSense’s original design, optimizing for greater product reliability as well as securing product-critical components in the supply chain. Neways has delivered a first series of 6,000 products; the next step is ramping up electronics production to over 100,000 products next year including full life cycle management services.

Steven Timmer, Neways Account Manager for LifeSense: “Our cooperation with LifeSense is based on a shared desire to make a difference where it matters. Combining their innovative wearable continence concept with our technical know-how and high-tech production capabilities, means we are helping to deliver a durable solution for children and parents the world over. We’re very proud to contribute to their continued pioneering efforts in the digital health care space.

The partnership between LifeSense and Neways on wearable continence solutions is bringing together our unique capability for micro-electronics as well as our extensive experience partnering with our customers from design and development, to prototyping and large-scale automated production.

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