19 March 2019

Neways Technologies in Son moved to new office

Our ambition is to be the lifecycle partner for our customers. That’s why we start supporting them already in the design and development phase in order to maximize the customer value and to ensure the best total cost of ownership. With our 190+ development engineers Neways Electronics has a really experienced and strong team. The team is located in the Netherlands and in Germany and is assigned to the following focus areas: Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Embedded Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and project management.

Approximately half of our developers are working in Son (NL), where the headquarter is located. As the role of development became more and more important for our customers in the last years the number of our developers raised. Due to this expansion the space for the development team became too small. As a consequence the development department in Son moved to another building, which is only 500 meters away from the headquarter.

The benefits of the new premises are shorter distances between the engineers, a well-equipped IT infrastructure, a much better acoustic which creates a silent and efficient working environment as well as more small meeting rooms for more efficient technical meetings.

The new office offers enough space for approximately 110 employees – the possibility to even grow in the future underlines the high importance of the development stage within the product lifecycle and within the Neways Group.

Do you need a strong development partner for your product and want to get more information about our development skills and capabilities? Then please contact our Sales Manager Pascal van Kesteren: Pascal.van.kesteren@newayselectronics.com