Wiring and cable assembly in cleanroom Echt
26 July 2022

Opening new large-scale cleanroom

Neways is proud to open its new large-scale cleanroom in Echt, the Netherlands. This marks another milestone in fulfilling our customers’ needs for advanced cleanroom capabilities. This facility operates in a fully climate-controlled environment and has a capacity of up to 1,000 square meters. The new facility puts Neways in an excellent position to meet further market growth and produce our electrical wiring interconnections for ASML’s lithography systems to the highest quality standards. In support of our continuous efforts to build a more sustainable company, this clean room uses only green electricity and no natural gas. All Neways locations in the Netherlands use green electricity only.

Gerard Jacobs, management director of Neways Cables and Wiring Solutions, comments: “At Neways we continue to invest in scaling up our advanced capabilities to meet growing market demand. This cleanroom takes us to the next level of cleanroom-controlled production for electrical wiring interconnected systems.”

Electrical wiring interconnections are the nerve system of any equipment, connecting a multitude of components. Neways supports its customers with complex electrical interconnections, ranging from cable harnesses for power and signal distribution to advanced liquid and air-integrated interconnection systems with sensing technologies for thermal monitoring and diagnostics. We act as innovation partner for our customers from design, prototyping, industrialization to full rate production in cleanrooms or vacuum production environments.

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