23 October 2017

Solar powered family car with electronics from Neways

Neways Electronics has been a partner of the Eindhoven University of Technology for many years. This is also the case with the latest solar car project “Stella Vie”, in which 22 students have developed a solar car powered solely by solar energy. Neways Electronics has supported the student team as a Gold partner with the electronics, cable technology and system architecture. These include, for example, the steering controller and the motor control unit.

The solar car “Stella Vie” is already officially registered in the Netherlands. On a sunny day and with a full battery, the car can travel 1,000 kilometers. The maximum speed is 130 km/h. In addition to a route planner that avoids clouds, the refinements also include an integrated parking system that recommends the parking lot with the most hours of sunshine. As a highlight of the project, the Solar Team Eindhoven participated in this year’s “Bridgestone World Solar Challenge” through the outback of Australia. The Dutch team won the 5-day car race, which ended on the 14th of October, in the “Cruiser Class” category.