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Robotics, big data, 5G roll-out and AI are contributing to more efficient and sustainable systems that are part of Industry X.0. With our expertise in sensors, controls and gateways we offer our customers a wide array of industrial automation solutions. We are also experts in solutions for medical applications such as digitalization, robotics, remote technologies and hearing aids that simplify prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Sensing and interfacing

High precision sensing and interfacing technologies are vital in the development of smarter electronic systems and products. Measuring big data or specific parameters and translating these into meaningful data is the core of our work. This requires answers on how a product can remotely communicate with other systems over the internet or through long range remote connectivity protocols. We develop hardware and software and produce intelligent gateways to enable edge-computing and artificial intelligence to analyze and process data.

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Healthcare is about our quality of life. Prevention and a good and early diagnosis are precursors for having the right treatment at the right time. Growing digitization, integration and interfacing are important drivers for the future of quality healthcare. Neways has extensive expertise in developing and producing high-end electronics with embedded software for medical equipment from design, prototyping, testing, production to after-market support. We have decades of experience with the world’s leading healthcare equipment manufacturers under the most stringent quality and safety requirements.

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Industrial automation

The use of automated and robotized systems in industrial and agricultural applications is growing rapidly. The development of Industry X.0 demands high speed connectivity and high speed data processing. Developing and delivering smart electronics for our customers helps to integrate functionalities and add intelligence. Neways uses its experience across sectors to optimize our customers’ products with intelligent sensors and other electrical components. Therewith we improve precision use, functional safety, system reliability, predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics.

Electrical interconnected systems

Electrical wiring interconnections are the nerve system of any equipment, connecting a multitude of components. Neways supports its customers with a wide range of complex electrical interconnections. This ranges from cable harnesses for power and signal distribution to advanced liquid and air-integrated interconnection systems with sensing technologies for thermal monitoring and diagnostics. Our electrical interconnection systems are applied for example in wafer scanners and for healthcare devices. We act as an innovation partner from design, prototyping, industrialization to full rate production in cleanrooms or vacuum production environments.


Medical monitoring and personal health care devices add to the trend of tracking people’s health. Wearable technology can reduce hospital visits and improve health diagnosis. In a growing digital world and interconnection of technologies, wearable devices play a vital role. Applications include activity trackers, posture correction, movement sensing, smart eyewear and hearing aids. Neways partners with its customers to bring new innovations to life for top-end wearable devices. For example, we miniaturized technology for hearing aids that not only connect with your smartphone to adjust hearing aid parameters, but also include medical heartbeat monitoring and real-time remote healthcare connections.

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We are focused on shaping a sustainable future with real impact. With our technology, we enable the energy transition and advance medical applications. Our approach to product design integrates circularity and end-of-life solutions. And internally, we are dedicated to be a best-in-class performer across ESG topics.


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