Neways’ IoT solutions for a future of sustainable food

Neways has decades of experience in the agricultural sector where we continuously work on the latest innovations to advance the industry. Our specialists in electronics, sensing and software support our clients with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the future of farming. IoT can make an enormous impact, saving farmers time and money, optimizing productivity and reducing environmental impact.

An example is our partnership with leading providers of agricultural equipment, who demand the best of their equipment under challenging conditions. Neways supports them in facilitating a growing need for information to improve productivity, meet stringent environmental regulations and prepare for a transition towards electric power trains. Strong focus on reliability makes robustness of our electrical components critical, requiring specific production techniques in coating and potting to make them watertight and avoid intrusion of dirt.

Neways also produces electronic devices for milking robots, enabling the continuous sensing and measurement of milk quality. The collection of such real-time data provides diagnostic insights that are a vital part in controlling health and safety standards. For its customers in the animal farming sector, Neways produces controller boards for autonomous feed pusher robots. These boards ensure a reliable operation and control, reduce workload in the barn and ensure 24/7 access to fresh food for the animals.

Our involvement does not stop at the applications of today. We support our customers in the electrification of their agricultural equipment and implementation of the latest technologies around e.g. sensing and LiFi (light fidelity) wireless communication. These are electronic components and gateways that advance how we track, analyze, connect and use data to enable help the next levels of smart farming.


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