Xsens motion sensors that make FIFA 22 look more realistic than ever

For Xsens motion sensors, Neways produces electronic devices that are used for applications in sport, health, industrial and entertainment applications. These sensors make FIFA 22 or Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man, Black Panther and Dark Phoenix look more realistic than ever.

EA Sports’ FIFA 22 has taken the video game world by storm with a revolutionary new animation system called HyperMotion. Tapping into the power of Xsens MVN Animate, HyperMotion uses highly accurate motion data captured from a real 11 versus 11 football match. Xsens’ precise motion capture technology, already used by professional sport clubs to analyze the athlete’s performance, is now breathing life into realistic, playable football stars in EA Sports’ latest installment of the FIFA franchise.

Neways is proud to partner with Xsens for the design and production of highly accurate motion sensors and trackers. We applied our knowledge on production and manufacturability to jointly develop these unique products with Xsens, and support Xsens from prototyping to large volume series production.


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