Enabling smart technologies

Semicon solutions

Semiconductors are the key enabler of many other upcoming technologies. Building on our leading position in the semiconductors sector, we are supporting our customers with solutions for lithography systems such as high-speed data processing, high accuracy temperature measurement, motor control, 2D positioning and power measurement. This helps them to further advance the roll-out of 5G and innovate for connectivity, data centers, communications, e-mobility and countless IoT applications. We are also proud to play at the forefront of re-use and re-manufacturing to prolong the lifetime of existing systems.

Control units

Lithography systems like wafer scanners and wafer testing equipment demand the highest levels of technology, quality control, speed and precision to produce high-end chips. That level of precision and ultimate vacuum climate control puts extreme requirements on the electronic controls of such equipment. Control units involve process controls, motor controls, safety handling controls and e-cooling units. This is not only about pure electronics, but increasingly involves field-programmable gate arrays for software embedded electronics to develop smart electronics such as water-cooled circuit boards.

Read here how we support our customers with Dynamic Links that secure a pure vacuum environment for high-precision chip technology.

Power controls

The development and production of innovative electronic components for the next generation of lithography systems drives requirements for improving energy efficiencies. Neways has extensive experience in electronic components, dynamic power racks and cabinets assembly and systems integration, delivered ‘plug and play’ to the cleanrooms of our customers. To enable the next generation of wafer scanners, it is Neways’ ambition to improve the efficiency ratio of power control by at least 100% in the next years. That demands an integral view on connecting systems, sensing, software and 3D verification, and thermal and environmental modeling where Neways partners closely with its customers.

Read here how we support ASML in the development and production of electrical power control units for ASML’s wafer scanners


Neways has more than 30 years experience in opto-electronics for sensing and detecting. We integrate photonic components and modules into electronics, for example measuring optical wavefront quality or exact wafer positions in the heart of lithography systems. Our experience in opto-electronics goes beyond optical sensing and detecting, also serving applications around autonomous driving, high-speed data communication and medical imaging. Our expertise in chip-on-board assembly, miniaturization, material knowledge and ceramic substrate technologies ensures optimal and enduring performance in a highly demanding environment.

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