Dynamic links securing vacuums for high-precision chip technology

5G and AI technologies are the main drivers for the next level of chip technology. This is tomorrow’s technology brought to you today. Lithography systems are the most complex of complex systems. Think about pulling one hair from your head and laying it down on the surface of the moon. And then hitting that hair with a laser every single time the moon circles around without missing it. That is the kind of precision in which the next level of chips is produced.

To have that kind of control, lithography systems largely operate in a vacuum. That vacuum is strictly separated from any atmospheric part of the scanner. The dynamic link is the connection between the vacuum-controlled heart of the lithography system and its atmospheric environment. This dynamic link is an extremely complex system of mechanical and electronic technologies that separates the two worlds. It secures a pure vacuum environment at any time under any condition.

Neways is the production partner for the dynamic link and has been closely involved in the industrialization. We produce five different types of the dynamic link with varying complexity that can house up to 40 different cables. This involves sophisticated production processes for calibration, bake out and outgassing to eliminate contamination of substances for vacuum environment operations. The integration takes place with the support of a pre-shape tool for precision assembly and stiffness. Together with our customers, Neways also developed special transportation tooling. As any vibration during transport can have a material impact, these tools ensure the dynamic link is locked into position until its final installation at our customer’s facility.


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