Supporting ASML in development and production of electrical power control units

Over one trillion semiconductor chips are being produced every year, transforming modern society. They affect the way we work, travel, and communicate and are found in virtually every piece of electrical equipment.

Lithography systems are crucial in producing the most advanced semiconductors with the highest level of detail and precision. For over 30 years, Neways has been a dedicated partner for ASML in developing and integrating electrical control units for their lithography systems. We produce about 20 different electrical control units, for example for the seed laser enclosure cabinet, the wafer handler enclosure control units, and sub-fab horizontal source electronics cabinets.

To enable the production of these electrical control units, we manage a global supply chain of over 300 suppliers and handle more than 25 million parts per year. Therewith we ensure high quality power control modules, safety handlers, electromechanical cabling systems, water cooling systems and various other control units that link to the wafer scanner. The integration of these products takes place in a full clean room environment under the strictest conditions and is subject to full functional testing and qualification procedures.

Our involvement covers the entire product lifecycle, from design, development, supply chain management and production to in-field service and support. Since a few years Neways has also acted as exclusive partner for ASML to refurbish and upgrade electrical control units for their wafer steppers and scanners. We conduct both repairs and upgrades to these units, enabling a prolonged lifetime but also converting them to different models to like-new specifications.

Our global footprint ensures efficient processes for ASML and its customers. With our dedicated re-use teams and specific tools and equipment, we optimize the lifetime use of wafer steppers and wafer scanners without any compromise to performance.

Key results

  • Dedicated partner for ASML
    > 30 years
  • Parts managed every year
    > 25 million
  • managed by Neways
    340 suppliers

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