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Smart mobility

Electrification, autonomous driving and digitalization (big data analytics, connectivity and AI) are driving the increase of electronic content in vehicles. Building on our pioneering role in charging technology and extensive expertise in interoperability between different IoT solutions, we are supporting smart mobility solutions for the entire electric power control, from EV charging, charging cables, inverters to the electric drivetrain.

EV Charging

Neways has over 10 years of experience and expertise in the development of EV charging solutions. We provide high-end electronics to some of the world’s leading charging solutions providers and OEMs. Neways’ experience and readily available technologies enables them to play at the forefront of functionality, reliability and cost competitiveness. Our involvement ranges from hardware and firmware development to mechanical integration for optimized charging and safety.

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Intelligent charging cables

Charging cables are the linking pin between an electric vehicle, the charging station and the power grid. To connect your car with any electricity grid anywhere in the world, we deliver fully integrated functional charging cables that allow current measurement, grid communication and automatic shut off safety functions. This technology integrates advanced gateway technology, IoT integration as well as safety standards with smart power and energy management into the charging cable connector. Neways charging cables come with advanced sensors for smart power and energy management.

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Cars are more and more becoming integrated and autonomous driving systems. Sensors are a crucial part in getting transportation safer, more comfortable, and fuel-efficient in driving from A to B. Neways produces millions of these sensors every year for your car or any other form of transport. Neways supplies a range of advanced sensing technologies that support the introduction of advanced electronic systems for current and future transportation. Examples include sensors for air quality, speed sensors, tire pressure, transmission sensors and gear indicators, seat sensors, chassis controls, active electronic suspension sensors, and electronic mirror controls.

Power management

Electronic power management is vital for the safe and effective operation of any hybrid or electrical vehicle. We offer standardized power conversion platforms as well as unique inverters and power and advanced battery management solutions such as electric-assisted turbo chargers and cell management controllers. Power management modules regulate and control the electrical flow of energy between batteries, inverters and electric power trains of electric vehicles for optimized transition and distribution of power. Neways has extensive experience in the development and production of these electric systems bringing together functional requirements, heat management, electro mechanical compatibility, sizing, safety and performance management.

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