Electronic assisted turbo charger and power and speed inverters

Neways is developing and industrializing an electronic assisted turbo charger which electrically assists a conventional mechanical turbocharger system. This significantly reduces emissions compared to conventional combustion turbo chargers, but also further optimizes performance. Our expertise comes in to address specific challenges such as heat management of electronic components of the inverter where space requirements are limited.

In this development Neways builds on its vast experience of invertor technology with adapters that convert the energy from a source to the specific device requirements. For the power management in vehicles, Neways is active across a wide range of speed and power inverters, including engine cooler fans, traction drives, electronic assisted turbochargers and fuel cell compressors.

Our automotive customers require platform and design specific inverter developments. We typically act as design, development and production partner, offering our expertise in reducing development lead times to reduce risk through proven technology reference designs.

Key results

  • Light vehicles boosted by turbo technology
    70 %
  • CO2 reductions from e-turbo technology
    15 %

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