Neways leading the way with emergency charging cables

Charging stations for electric vehicles are not always available. In partnering with our customers, Neways makes it possible for cars to be charged from any power plug socket, which is available virtually everywhere.

Neways produces electronic controls for emergency charging cables for almost all electric vehicles types. With this control box, the cable autonomously verifies leakage current, suitability of the electrical circuit from the grid and power frequency. This prevents any overloading or overheating during the charging process and enables adjustments in charging parameters such as slower charging or shut down.

Neways has been one of the founders of charging protocol definitions and how electric vehicles and charging stations connect. We combined our experience and know-how of electric vehicles, charging stations and power grids to develop optimal designs for emergency charging cables.

These charging cables with Neways’ electronic controls work all over the world, as they register the local power frequency of the electricity grid. Neways’ engineers have been able to develop this complex technology at the size of a small box to limit the use of space and at the same time offer an intelligent and safe charging solution.


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