Neways’ legacy of enabling EV charging solutions

There are already more than 10 million electric vehicles on the road globally. Stricter emissions standards and reduced cost of ownership are strong contributors to further growth. And the widespread adaptation of electric mobility is further fueled by improved driving ranges and the availability of charging stations.

Neways has extensive experience and knowledge of developing and producing electronics and gateways for suppliers of charging solutions. For over 10 years, Neways has been a dedicated development and production partner for leading charging stations producers and operators.

We combine our expertise of working with automotive standards with our knowledge of connectivity. With our dedicated team of engineers, we develop smart gateways and power modules to align load requirements and manage charging times. This also encompasses backoffice communications linked to payment systems, security handling and load balancing for smart charging. As such we ensure safety, reliability and security that are critical factors in securing a safe connection between the vehicle and a charging station.

Time to market and the ability to rapidly ramp-up production is also critical for our customers. With our global supply chain and approach to value engineering we excel in manufacturability, component availability, series production and testing. We also supply fully integrated EV charging controller modules that allows our customers to instantly benefit from our EV charging expertise, optimum electronics solutions and ability to quickly ramp-up their production.

Key results

  • Electric vehicles in operation globally today
    > 10 million
  • Electrical vehicles target in 2030 in Europe alone
    70 million
  • Need to be installed per week by 2030 in Europe alone
    15 chargers

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