Together towards a sustainable future


We are contributing to a sustainable future with real impact. With our technologies and manufacturing solutions we help to address the world’s environmental and social challenges. We provide enabling solutions for the energy transition, zero-emission transportation, precision agriculture and digital farming, the future of health and more.

We help our customers in achieving their sustainability goals with design for circularity and our life cycle management capabilities. We build sustainable cradle to cradle supply chains for our customers, implementing re-use and re-manufacture as new over the entire lifecycle. In doing so, we focus on green technologies, green market applications and green supply chains.

Impact on life

The energy transition requires smart electronics that facilitate the adaptation to new energy standards with more control and monitoring. We are leading in providing these smart electronics.  Together with our customers we are continuously innovating our product offering to cope with the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. It is our ambition to further expand our contribution to markets, customers and products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Approach to circularity

Our innovative approach to product design integrates circularity, life cycle extension and end-of-life solutions. We support our customers with modularity in designs and focus on increasing sustainable use of materials. This is not limited to our processes only as we look at the full value chain. Finally, we have strong repair, recovery and reuse capabilities inhouse. This enables our customers to extend their product life cycle and creates sustainable supply chains over the lifecycle of our clients’ products.

Read here how we enable re-use as new in the semicon industry for ASML.

Sustainable production

We proactively seek to produce our products in the most sustainable way with innovative manufacturing solutions and focus on local sourcing of components. We monitor our carbon emission footprint, our energy and water usage, we seek to recycle and reduce waste to the best possible extent and have thorough processes in place for the sourcing of our raw materials.

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are embedded in Neways’ ESG agenda. At the heart of our business we help our customers in achieving their sustainability goals with design for circularity and our lifecycle management capabilities. Our technology also supports a wide range of products that make an enormous impact on our daily lives, such as charging equipment for electric vehicles or advanced medical treatment systems. Finally, we have a dedicated internal ESG agenda with a strong focus on sustainable production methods, local sourcing, reducing waste and emissions, and providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

ZEM car of TU/ecomotive
TU/ecomotive car ZEM

Our social involvement

Neways contributes to the social, industrial and economic development of the countries and regions where it is in business and promotes appropriate, volunteer activities by its employees.

Our approach is to apply our skills and resources strategically to projects, programs and initiatives that have a positive impact on community development for the short- and long-term. Neways wants to support especially the skills of our future innovators in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).


Do you share our passion for technology and innovation to create sustainable impact?