Partner for ASML to refurbish and upgrade electrical control units for wafer scanners

ASML puts great emphasis on enabling multiple generations of advanced chips using the same system. Their machine’s life is measured in decades, not years. Almost every single ASML lithography system sold is still in use.

Since a few years Neways has acted as a partner for ASML to refurbish and upgrade the Neways electrical control units for their wafer steppers and scanners. We conduct both repairs and upgrades to these units, enabling a prolonged lifetime but also converting them to the latest specifications for re-use as new.

Neways takes the electrical control units apart into individual components, which are then repaired and tested individually. We have developed specific detection equipment, software and data analysis tools that enable us to make repairs where necessary. And our involvement in the entire range of ASML’s wafer scanners enables us to bring the electrical control units to today’s specifications and requirements. The repaired or upgraded components are then re-assembled and integrated into ‘as-new’ power units that, after strict qualification procedures, can be reintroduced to ASML’s customers.

Our global footprint ensures efficient processes for ASML and its customers. With our dedicated re-use teams and specific tools and equipment, we optimize the lifetime use of wafer steppers and wafer scanners without any compromise to performance.

  • Cabinets delivered "as new"
    > 20
  • Lead time reduction compared to new
    50 %

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